When does a person become a person?

You say, but Jim, it’s not a PERSON it’s a FETUS.

(Fetus is Latin for “Little One”).

If I call it a “Little One” instead of a “Person” has it then lost Person-hood?

If I call a “Flower” a “Rose” does it stop being a flower?

If a “Little One” is not a “Person” the when does a “Little One” become a “Person?”

The Law says “at birth.”

What if the Laws of men change, does a “Little One’s” person-hood change?

And if person-hood changes as man’s laws change what about those affected by the previous definition of person-hood? Can we bring them back from the dead?

When does a “Little One” become a “Person?”

When it is able to live outside the womb?

Technology is always changing, does person-hood change with technology?

When does a “Little One” become a “Person?”

When it has a heart-beat?

That is, quite possibly, less than 3 weeks after fertilization (1).

Or, does a “Little One” become a person when it has brain waves?

Or, expresses pain?

Or, expresses “the right kind of” pain?


Person-hood is intrinsic not circumstantial.

What is the real issue?

The real issue is not denying a fetus is a child to alleviate guilt. The real issue is: is the child wanted? Those whose mind’s left say: If you don’t want it – Kill it. There is no one willing to help you. There is no other alternative. Carrying your baby takes money you don’t have, giving birth at a hospital even more so. Adoptions are horrific, foster care is worse. Killing your baby is the best thing you can do for it.

Those whose thinking is right however know that crisis pregnancy centers will help you financially, emotionally and spiritually. Loving people are waiting to adopt your baby. Adoption and foster care can be a loving alternative when you can’t raise your baby yourself.

Adoption and Foster care horror stories do exist unfortunately. They are the stories that get attention. Adoption and Foster care can be tough for both adoptee and adopter and Foster kids and Foster parents. But millions of kids and their new parents are successful. Those whose mind’s left don’t put the success stories (millions of them) on the evening news usually. But they are real. And your child can be one of them.


(1) Now, a team funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) at the University of Oxford has demonstrated earlier beating of the heart in mouse embryos which, if extrapolated to the human heart, suggests beating as early as 16 days after conception.


You can forgive . . .

I was deeply emotionally hurt today by someone I barely know, not even an acquaintance. Thankfully Jesus protected me from most of it. When I got home I got angry with my wife over nothing and backed off when I realized what was happening.

This person pushed all my inadequacy buttons. They targeted my mental illness as disqualifying me from worth. They framed their questions with the assumption their perceived need was my fault. They disrespected me.

Ahhh. . . but there is Jesus.

What if this person had deep fear, deep hurt or both? What if their coping skill was to seek control of every situation? What if they interpreted me as taking away their control? What if their strategy was to discredit me to gain control?

And Jesus gave me this line of reasoning . . . and resolved my hurt and invited me to replace that hurt with compassion. How did Jesus give me this line of reasoning?


Before there was Freud, Jung, or Maslow . . . there was Jesus.

The arrogance of ignorance

My dad gave me a set of financial coaching DVDs some years ago. I knew they were good, but I had read some financial books, led a financial Bible study and thought I knew enough.

I was wrong.

I now know I have not saved appropriately, causing me to underfund my retirement. And, I am starting long term care insurance ten years and thousands of dollars too late, all because of the:

“The arrogance of ignorance and the ignorance of arrogance.”

When my son makes a mistake he sometimes gets mad at his “apparent failure” and I tell him:

“Mistakes are good, they are for learning, we need them to get better.”

So what can I learn from this “arrogance and ignorance?”

  1. Stay hungry. . . I will never know enough.
  2. Stay humble. . . I can learn from everyone.
  3. Stay honest. . . I must not give arrogance and ignorance permission to deceive me again.