Lead for Me or Lead for We?

A company is relocating one of their production facilities.  They need to finish production of a current contract and then shut the doors at a specified date.  You are the manager of the plant.  You have been told that you are going to head up the new plant.  You are secure.  You have also been told not to tell any of the workers at your plant of these plans.  They may find other jobs.  Then the ability to finish an important contract could be jeopardized.  You know that your people cannot make it on unemployment, but they could possibly find new jobs at another company that is starting up if they knew now to apply.  What do you do?

This is a contrived fictitious situation, yet similar to what has happened before in this country. You could get creative with a lot of possibility thinking.  That is not my goal.  My goal is force you to deal with the main idea:  You can serve yourself or you can serve the people who depend on you to lead them.  You don’t have to tell me what you decide, but this is pointless if you are not honest with yourself.

What’s Your Reason for the Season?

Trimming the tree with tinsel and glitter . . .

Santa Claus, Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman . . .

Gift giving and receiving . . .

All make for good Christmas cheer.

But do you know that the best part of Christmas cheer is sometimes obscured by the good?

Before the world began, God chose to send His Son Jesus into the world on “Christmas Day.” Jesus was born to die to set us free from our sins if we will trust Him. And each year we celebrate the birthday of the One who loved us and gave His life for us.

Is Jesus your reason for the season?

If not, consider getting away from the Christmas rush for a few moments. Quiet yourself and read the Christmas Story in the Bible (Luke 1:5-2:20, Matthew 1:18-2:23).

Marvel at the miraculous virgin birth.
Gaze in awe at the angels filling the night sky, telling the shepherds of the new birth of the
baby King.
Worship with the wise men the child who made unconditional love visible to all the world.

Make Jesus your reason for the season and He will make this your best Christmas ever.

To learn more about Jesus, read the Bible, talk to a friend who knows Jesus, visit a church where Jesus is preached as God with us.