How to disciple your kids every day…

Thousands of years ago God taught us through Moses to teach our kids through daily life.  How can we do that today?

Get them hooked on VeggieTales and sing with your kids to a closer relationship with Jesus. And the best part is, VeggieTales is for “grown-ups” too! (Also, AutoBgood, 3-2-1 Penguins, Adventures in Odyssey…).

When they lose a toy ask them to pray with you, that Jesus would find it and show you where it is. Ask them if Jesus is going to bring the toy to you or whether he wants you to go to the toy. (Use birds and worms as an example… God feeds them, but they have to go out and work for the worm). Let your kids loose to learn Jesus is reliable. I encouraged but did not help my kids look. “My development” was not “helping” Jesus. I had to risk “Jesus failing” and what that would do to my relationship with him.   In twenty years we have lost many things… and only not found less than 5 of those things we prayed to find.

One time my kids lost a toy truck… Mater… in the lake 50 feet from shore. They yelled to me that they lost Mater and looked everywhere and can’t find it and should we Pray? I have never found ANYTHING I’ve dropped in a lake if I couldn’t see it immediately. With a dozen people I didn’t know near us on shore I yelled, “Dear Jesus, please find Mater.” My son’s next step landed on Mater.

When your mower or snowblower won’t start ask your kids to come over and pray with you that Jesus would start your machine. (if you know your machine takes 4 pulls to start, don’t pull 3 times and call your kids to pray. This is for when you have tried everything you know and it won’t start.) More than once it would start the next 1/2 pull.  My pulling hand would fly back to me away from the engine…  But spectacular or not it ALWAYS eventually started.  (Yes, I know about flooding an engine and it draining and starting, remember, if you DON’T think it will start then call your kids to pray and watch God work).

We started doing this twenty years ago.. YOU MAY HAVE BETTER OPTIONS NOW!… Go out and use them!

In the comments tell me how you have taught your kids about the reality of Jesus in our lives: