the robins trust Him

Jesus has his reasons

for confounding the seasons

the snow’s on the ground

but you still hear the sound

of the robins singing joy-ful-ly

yes they trust the Father

and don’t even bother

to worry or ask the Master

hey why this disaster

I ask tell me pastor

do you know why God

do what he do

God himself answered

using the standard

of the Word that he’s written for us

the wrongs of your nation

I have carried with patience

more disaster I have held back from you

I seek your sorrow

today not tomorrow

about injustice for the poor

about opportunity’s door

blocked to those of color

about the fathers and mothers

who are killin their children

their bodies being torn

before they’re even born

you poison land sea and air

you don’t even care

what you’ve taken from generations to come

they will be asked to pay

for your sin-debts of today

you know this but you’re still playing dumb

I may relent

if you soon repent

my children I am speaking to you

if you only knew

the good I have for you

that is stored up waiting

if you will only stop hating






The Kingdom of God is like…

In Matthew 20:1-16 Jesus describes the Kingdom of God.  It is the famous “The last shall be first and the first shall be last” parable.  Jesus talks about a vineyard owner who hires workers throughout the day and yet he pays them the same for differing hours of service.

My wife and my former Pastor have served Jesus since they were young.  I have served Him since I was 27.  Others serve him literally one hour before they die.  We are all equal in the Kingdom of God.  The only hierarchy is the inverted one.  We can all choose to be the top by choosing to be a servant to all (Just as Jesus does).  God’s character is then complete in us.