Responding to “Fire”

(The following is an email I just sent to Karen)

Dear Karen,

I posted your poem today and you already have a like. You make a valid point. Here is another valid point.

The above link is about the cost of lockdowns. As well as the cost of NOT locking down.

We could stop thousands of deaths in automobiles if we locked down all cars (i.e. banned cars). But there would be a cost to saving those lives. Since the early 1900’s we the American people have been willing to trade those lives for the benefits of cars. That is not a pretty statement. But you have accepted it as well as I have. (Unless you have been lobbying to ban cars). I respect your fear of being harmed by Covid. I also respect your choice to benefit from cars.

I am going to publish this letter next to your poem. I wanted to let you know first.

Thank you,

There is a Fire

There is a fire burning in our country

And the blaze is rising high,

As people do what they want to do

Other ones are going to die.

Still, there are counties and cities

Where the virus has not spread.

But already too many are sick and dying

Too many already dead.

Are you a part of the solution,

Or a willful burning flame?

Were your friends so glad to see you

But then later sorry that you came?

Are you out setting fires

That the doctors can’t put out?

Do you consider others,

Or is it just YOU it’s all about?

Will you still be around

When the smoke finally clears from the skies?

But, because you wanted what you wanted,

How many others had to die?

By Karen Rawlings       

4-30-20 (updated 11-18-20)

Karen has two other poems on this site, they are very good, you might want to check them out. – Jim McNaughton


27 It is not good to eat much honey,
Nor is it glory to search out one’s own glory.
Proverbs 25:27 (NASB95)

I used to seek honor for myself; out of pride, motivated by insecurity. (But the honor I sought is not the honor that Jesus has). I wanted other people to tell me how great I was to drown out my “silently loud,” deep down, almost hidden from myself, constant fear that I am inadequate, I don’t measure up, I’m a failure. I am repulsed by people like me. I have an inherent aversion to those who are proud. My gut revulsion is because these people don’t recognize that I am the most important person there is, not them.

Jesus did not seek honor for himself, he sought honor for his Father. Jesus went to the cross so that “they would know that You sent me.” So why do I honor Jesus so much, as well? He valued my need for relationship with the Father, more than his own life. He didn’t take into account that I literally hated him and cursed him. That I hurt his people every day. And that I was inherently a rebel. He saw my need for Him and the Father and the Holy Spirit; and He willingly gave up His own life to meet that need. And He rose to give me His life. And I am now adopted; I am his child; and I am free to love.

Jesus wasn’t seeking honor, He was loving.

And I love and honor Him for that.