Condemnation or Renewing Needed?

I am a deeply flawed person.

Though that is my own assessment it has been confirmed by others. It’s not my heart that has the problem. I used to have a heart that always chose not to believe God and not to do what God wanted. Jesus has replaced that heart. Now my heart wants to know, love and follow Jesus. But I don’t always. Sometimes I still choose not to believe God and not do what God wants. The problem now is my mind. It is filled with 61 years of truths. Some truths that are true. . . some truths that are lies. When I don’t believe and trust God and his words, I fear. I fear I may lose something important to me. The lies say I can’t risk doing what God wants me to do. What if he doesn’t come through this time? I choose then to do what God does not want me to do. The lies say it will be better.

It isn’t.

I have guilt, regret, shame. My heart wants to obey Jesus. What went wrong?

Jesus has died to pay for my wrongs and rose from the dead to give me His life. But my mind still has many old lies, masquerading as truth, which fool me. God says I need to “renew my mind”. I need to learn what is “true truth” from Him, by learning what God has to teach me through the Bible.

Renewing my mind is not easy for me. If it was it would have happened 34 years ago. I struggle with spending time with God through reading the Bible. The time during and after reading the Bible is a delight, but satan attacks me when I am considering sitting down to read God’s words. Satan tells me I will not enjoy it, it will make me feel miserable, God will condemn me through what I read. All these are lies but at the time they feel so real.

Jesus said the Holy Spirit will lead me into all truth. And, we will be taught by God Himself. So I put my problem into the hands of God.

He always knows how to help me.

He Will Come In

What must it have been like
In that garden, with Jesus, long long ago.
When he cried out to His Father, 
The One who loves Him so.

He cried,”Father, take this cup from me.”
“Yet not as I will, but your will be done.”
But our God could not change his plans; 
He had to sacrifice His Son.

Jesus disciples lay there sleeping 
Not realizing what was ahead. 
They had no idea 
That soon, their beloved Savior would be dead.

Suddenly, a crowd showed up with Judas, 
Armed with clubs and swords.
Judas stepped out in front of them all
And kissed Jesus, the one he called Lord.

Jesus disciples were terrified, 
They deserted Him and fled.
The fear that overwhelmed them there 
Robbed their memories of all that He had said.

Then Peter, his Rock, denied Him three times,
When all he had wanted was to be near.
The rest of Jesus followers had abandoned Him,
Paralyzed by their fear.

And still, our Savior died for them;
His love, the reason that He came. 
He paid the price for ALL our sins; 
A Gift given, so this world would never be the same.

And death, it could not hold Him. 
He conquered death, He rose up from that grave! 
He didn’t come to teach this world a lesson nor to condemn it.
He came to save!

He came to save all those who seek Him;
The ones who hear His voice, His call. 
He came to offer us Salvation;
For that, He gave His life, He gave his all.

So the question is, do you believe? 
Have you come to God’s own Son? 
Have you bowed down on bended knees
And cried,”God,your will be done!”?

Do you need a Savior To wipe away your sins? 
Do you need a Promise for eternal life, 
The Way to Heaven, the Only Way to enter in?
Then come to Jesus! He’s not even a single breath away. 
Cry out to Jesus, He WILL come in. 
He is The God Who Stays.

Written by
Karen Rawlings     


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