Water for kids Update #3

I am getting a little stronger. I just did 40 minutes of walking at an approximate 3 mile an hour pace yesterday. I ran uphill for 50 seconds today before having to walk. But when I run I am acutely aware of my extra 75 pounds.

Time to train is the biggest problem I face. The best time is 5 a.m. but I have yet to actually do it. So far at 5 a.m. I just fumble around to get coffee and experience “the spirit is willing but the body is weak.”

Right now I can’t see completing the 13.1 miles.

But my trust is in Jesus, certainly not myself.

You can change the life of a child for $50:


Water for Kids Update #2 When was the last time you changed a life by investing $50?

The kiddos carry 5 gallon jugs for hours all day. The water is nasty (diseases and dirty at best). The family lives in poverty.

If these kids could spend their time in school instead, the whole village has a chance of lifting themselves out of poverty for generations to come.


I walked again, “pre-training” before my training starts June 17. I was breathing hard walking up to the top of the first hill. Today denial lifted and I found out for sure how long a half marathon is: 13.1 miles. I thought sure it was 3.1 miles. Right now it doesn’t matter as I can’t run either one.

If God was not in this I wouldn’t be either.

It is a good thing I have all summer to train. I called my doctor and the nurse answered my concerns about taking lithium for bipolar (adverse reaction to sun exposure) and my weight (more than my two sons’ combined weight).

I have 2 more days to walk “pre-training,” then next week I start:

Monday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 20 minutes,
Tuesday “walk only” for 30 minutes,
Wednesday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 20 minutes, Thursday “walk only” for 30 minutes,
Friday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 20 minutes,
Saturday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 35 minutes,
Sunday we rest.

Well, the saga continues . . .

Water for Kids # 1 You can help these children

Some kids of villages walk hours carrying polluted water (sometimes the only water they can find) for their family to drink. If they had a local well of clean water the kids could go to school (instead of carrying water). And they and their families would not get as sick. And with local clean water and an education, the cycle of poverty may be broken for them.

I am going to walk, or walk-run a half marathon to raise money for clean water. For these kids, for their parents, for Jesus.

I am 75 pounds over my suppose-to-be weight. I haven’t exercised in decades. I’m scared to death. And I hate running.

My recruiters at my church say I’m “qualified.”

So here’s the deal. If you want to cheer me on: wonderful. If you want to pray that God would help me (and I desperately need Him): that’s wonderful too. If you want to give any amount of money (no amount too small (or big :>)) to World Vision so you can help them give clean water to these precious people and change their lives for the better: priceless.

To learn more go to: https://teamworldvision.org/participant/James-McNaughton Once on the page you can get more details on how important clean water is, and the real impact you can make in getting clean water to children that desperately need it.

Just to let you know I’m invested, my wife and I have donated $50 for one child’s clean water and paid the registration fee of $95 for me to do the half-marathon. If we (me and all of you) raise $3,000 I will donate another $100 (more details to come).

Clean-Water Update: My oldest son walked with me and we went over 2 miles. He is thinking of raising money for the kids clean water too.


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