Condescending Christians…

I haven’t been to Celebrate Recovery (12-step group) lately because I’ve been sick. I met with my Fearless Leader (of our local CR) and he said, “I’d tell you we missed you but you said you don’t like that.” I explained… “I don’t like it when it doesn’t come from the heart, but used as an attack, a guilt ploy, and a manipulation.” Does this kind of thing happen among Christians? Surely not?

Do Christians have disapproving, holier than thou attitudes? Do some Christians talk to non-Christians in a condescending way? What does it mean when a Christian doesn’t act like Jesus?

Yes, I called myself a Christian when I was growing up and yet I still was far from Jesus. I don’t condemn myself though, I had been deceived. I was a modern-day Pharisee, or what Jesus called, a white-washed tomb. I looked good on the outside but inside I was full of pride and selfishness and I didn’t even know it.

Since I called myself a Christian and wasn’t one how can you know if a person that claims to belong to Jesus really does belong to Jesus?

Jesus said, “A tree is known by its fruit. You don’t collect grapes from briers and figs from thornbushes. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. Therefore you will know them by their fruit.”

Real Christians get a bad name, because satan convinces some of his followers that they are real Christians and then they say to the world they are real Christians, and then don’t love like Jesus.

So real Christians have to be perfect?

Jesus is perfect, His followers are not. But they love Jesus and because they love Jesus they love those He loves, that is, all other people. If someone tells you they are a Christian and they don’t love all other people, specifically you, Jesus is telling you they are not His.

So real Christians have to love all others perfectly?

I fail at loving God, and others, repeatedly. But Jesus loves me and forgives me and because I love Him I try again.

The prickily-ness of the “thorns” of false Christians is their consistent lack of love.

Opiate of the masses?

Someone I love believes Nietzsche’s statement: Religion is the opiate of the masses. I’ve been on both sides of this so I would like to unpack my interpretation of the statement.

To state the incredibly obvious, Nietzsche was condescending to Christians. They were stupid, easily-led fools who self-medicated their unthinking, worthless existence with the “opiate” that when they die everything will be made right. They don’t think enough to understand “science” and that evolution is fact, not just theory, and so there is no after-life. This is all you get, and you had better get it now while you can.

According to Nietzsche Christians are wasting their lives.

Now that I am a Christian I realize Nietzsche was reasoning out of ignorance. In frustration of not understanding Christians he condemned their behavior using human reasoning. Amazingly the Apostle Paul had the same reasoning as Nietzsche. “If this life is all there is, then we Christians are to be pitied above all people.” Without surrendering to Jesus, without knowing Him and His eternal power, without a relationship with him, you are not able to trust His guarantee of everything to come.

The someone I love lives for this world, what you can see, have, control. They are proud of their possessions and accomplishments. It is an attempt to create the appearance of value, hoping that others will be impressed and give them the value they long to have for themselves.

But they are already INFINITELY valuable. Just the way they are.

Jesus, the one they don’t trust because he could have stopped all the pain they have endured, is the only one that truly loves them and proved it by suffering to pay for all their sins; offering forever life with him and offering meaning for all the pain they have endured, so they can know the joy of loving and helping others who have been hurt as they have.