Jesus loves Muslims, free speech, and freedom of religion

(This plea for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and a statement of Jesus’ love for everyone was ironically censored by Google+. I have asked Google+ for a dialogue to learn what they object to and have not received any communication from them. Please read this post and let me know (specifically) how you interpret its ideas and why you think Google+ censored it, thank you).

I couldn’t sleep last night/this morning. So, I was on my computer and I came across a report on Loretta Lynch promising to prosecute any “Anti-Muslim” rhetoric “predicated on violence.” The writer of the report posed the question, “what exactly does that mean?” and answered, “possibly anything she wants it to mean.”

The America I grew up in (back in the day) defended freedom of speech and freedom of religion, though not in ways I always wanted. As an example, pornography, which in my opinion hurts those who make it and those who use it, was defended by the Supreme Court as an expression of free speech. Also, a certain religion that used an illegal drug in its worship was allowed to continue and use the drug legally by the Supreme Court when the court deemed it an exercise of freedom of religion.

I didn’t agree with those decisions but I recognized the need for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I realized that the preservation of those freedoms for all outweighed my objections to specific applications.  Now back to Loretta Lynch’s vague promise to prosecute. I agree with Loretta Lynch’s end, that is I don’t want a backlash against Muslims.  All Americans (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists… ) deserve to live a life free of fear. But what I fear is the means to this end; as the Obama Administration and this current Supreme Court have proven capable of deliberately over-reaching the law, deliberately under-interpreting the law, and deliberately making-up law. What are they capable of doing to the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech in this instance?

After courageous American Christians lost their lives by standing up to a gunman and proclaiming their faith in Jesus, there was no U.S. government statement about the protection of Christians that would follow, (that I know of). President Obama did not even acknowledge that there had been a “hate-crime” against Christians. But when two Muslims in California “bent on Jihad” (a tenet of Islam that instructs Muslims to kill non-Muslims) kill innocent people, this government threatens to silence any speech critical of Islam and similar followers.

Jesus wants all people (including Muslims “bent on Jihad”) to know that he loves them, forgives them, and wants them to turn from evil and join him in loving God and loving people. That is what I want too.

Fame, fortune, power and pleasure

The “glory” of this “world” is the opposite of God’s Glory.  What I naturally seek, and maybe you do too, is fame, fortune, power and pleasure.  I want to be great at something that the whole world thinks is important so that everyone knows me and thinks well of me.  If I could only sing like an angel, or be able to throw a bouncy ball through a metal ring; if I could only do what others cannot, I can be special, and I would earn love for myself.

Jesus did not seek this “glory.”  Satan tempted him to seek this glory though.  By turning stone into bread he would meet a legitimate God-given need.  By jumping off the temple and having the angels “catch” him he would instantly draw attention to himself and his divinity.  And he could skip the cross and everyone would bow to him, if only he bowed to satan.

Jesus rejected each of these plans of satan.  He said eating was not as important as obeying (loving) God.  He said we “test” God by obeying him, not demanding he obey us.  And he chose to love God and bow to him, even if that meant dying on the cross; rather than to submit to evil, lies and coercion in order to have the world bow to him.

Jesus chose to give love to others, rather than “earn love for himself.”  He chose to value others above himself (not that he was less than others, but he chose to place them ahead of himself so that they would feel the honor he had for them).  God is love and Jesus is God, so Jesus is love.  And he wants to give himself to you.  He wants you to know that he loves you, and that he cares about you and what you care about, and that he wants to sit down and have coffee with you, and just talk.