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My goal is to share the love of Jesus that he has shared with me.  

Love does not condemn people, but love does condemn that which harms people, known in the Bible as “sin.”  These actions I am against, not the people doing them.  My life was sinful when I met Jesus.  I denied it.  And spent ten years under His wrath while He humbled me.  When I admitted my sin and accepted Jesus my life changed.  Now I am not sinless, but I do sin less.  I still fall short and need His forgiveness.

Join me as we discuss Jesus, Mental Illness, and the combination of both.


Thinking Right in a culture whose Mind’s Left: the following are Conspiracy Theories thankfully stopped by Social Media

Masks are worthless at stopping Covid spread. Social Media censored this. (Fauci couldn’t name one study before Congress that justified masks being mandated but I think he just needed more time). The Chinese Communist Party developed the Covid-19’s gain-of-killing-function in the Wuhan Lab with “Fauci’s money.” Thankfully Social Media censored this. No Government agency has ever thought this. Covid vaccines do not prevent getting Covid and do not stop you from spreading Covid. We have reliable Government officials on camera stating the opposite. (Thankfully President Biden incited division among Americans by pitting “vaxxers” against those who chose not to “vax”, blaming those exercising their rights to medical autonomy, (and not wanting an unproven mRNA in their body (among other undivulged ingredients)), as the reason for the continued pandemic and indirectly causing elderly deaths. Both of which are lies according to Conspiracy Theorists and rightfully shut down by Social Media). Did Social Media censor the following? At the onset of the pandemic, doctors were having success with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, saving hundreds of lives, they were vilified, criminalized and censored. Government was stripping doctors of their ability to heal, countless doctors caving into pressure and possibly serving their pensions instead of their patients’ best interest. And of course, Social Media was working hand in hand with Government, censoring the anecdotal truths that if tried may have prevented the pandemic, the Conspiracy Theorists claimed. These same doctors having success anecdotally, said lock downs were the opposite of what should be done, rather we should protect the elderly and seek herd immunity. They of course were successfully censored by Social Media in this as well.

I’m glad these Conspiracy Theories are not true and Government and Social Media protected us through medical mandates and censorship.

Imagine what disaster could have happened in a free society?

I felt I had no value or worth

More to follow “tomorrow” . . . or today . . . it’s 1:20pm here.

Well, it wasn’t 1:20 PM, it was 1:20 AM. Which explains the mistake?

I am so grateful to God for answering my prayer for a sense of value and worth. I had been told to find my worth in Jesus, but I didn’t know what that meant. I prayed and asked him what to do to find my worth in Him.

He said, I was worth the cross to Him.


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