Jesus loves Atheists, and so do I

I visited an Atheist site.

I told them I was a Jesus follower.

And that I wanted to learn about how they think and approach life as Atheists.

Some were respectful and kind to me.

One woman wrote a beautiful description of being one with the universe as she watched the night sky, because she was formed by the universe and composed of what stars had made.

However, most attacked me.  I think they were using me as a proxy for a Christian they really wanted to vent at.

One person told me that many members of the site had been hurt by Christians and that is why they became Atheists.

Many of the group that I engaged with struck me as hurt, scared and alone.

I honored my agreement with them and did not preach Jesus.

I did not point out to them that the hole in their soul they were trying to fill was made to be filled by Jesus and Jesus alone.  That nothing else would work.

I did not point out to them that anyone can claim to be a Christian, but it is in acting the way Jesus acted that proves whether their claim to be a Christian is true or not.  Then they would know not to blame Jesus for the evil done to them by someone falsely claiming Jesus’ identity.

I did not point out to them that their highest rule – Treat others the way you want to be treated – pointed to their own yearning for Jesus that they did not realize yet.

I wish I had the chance to share Jesus’ love with them, so they would know that Jesus is on their side, that He loves them just the way they are, and that He wants to take them home.


nuggets… part 4

When I want you to experience the thoughts or feelings that I am experiencing I use words.  I take a thought, match it to a word by using the context I heard the word used in.  That personal, subjective experience of learning that word is my definition of the word.  I speak the word to you.  Not my definition, not my context, but the word.  You hear the word.  You take the word and match it to your context of the word.  You match the word to your personal, subjective experience of learning that word.

What are the chances when I use a word that you think exactly what I’m thinking?

nuggets… part 3

The interpretation of Reality is largely dependent on the mental context of the observer.  That is, we see what fits into who we are at the moment.

Dr. John Maxwell has said, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Say Little Johnny doesn’t know me and walks up and kicks me.

When I was young and inexperienced with raising kids I immediately would say it is the parent’s fault.  And I would immediately KNOW just what the child needed.

Now that I am old and experienced with raising my kids (which is VERY different from raising your kids or you raising anyone else’s kids) I may say, “I have no idea whose fault it is, let’s not worry about finding fault, let’s try to help.  Let’s try to talk to and try to understand Johnny, his parents, his friends, etc. … and try to help all of them in their struggle to get the love they need.

That love may take the form of discipline, but more likely also, understanding,  redirecting, listening, more structure, less structure, etc. …”

This is a lie.  True or false? (author unknown)


(However the following are my own observations).


The teacher: “A fool is sure, the wise ask questions.”

The student: “Are you sure?”


Obi-Wan said to Anakin (in III), “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

Is Obi-Wan a Sith?


We test God by obeying him and proving him true to his promises.

We foolishly test God by demanding he obey us to prove his promises.


When a political candidate’s character and truthfulness are reported on… Who reports on the reporter’s character and truthfulness?  (See fake news).


Perception is Reality – Lee Atwater

Is Mr. Atwater’s statement a Perception or Reality? – Jim McNaughton


Question Authority.

Who said?


I cannot own a gun.  That is good.  (history of involuntary hospitalization)

My law-abiding neighbor owning a gun?  That is good.  (history of safe use, history of gun being a crime deterent)

Bad-guy having a gun.  That is bad.  (history of not caring if his gun is legal or not, history of being more deterred from crime when guns are legal for my law-abiding neighbor)

Only government (and bad-guys) have guns.  (history of governments abusing power, beginning of the end of freedom as we know it)

Saving money (on hospitalizations) and increasing productivity (able to work) and producing tax revenue (from said work) and saving lives (from killing themselves or others) by treating all the mentally ill (through parity i.e. equal insurance for mental health as body health)?

That is not only good, it makes sense.

(Since being correctly medicated in 1986, I have stopped costing taxpayers multiple thousands of dollars, and contributed to society well over $100,000 in taxes and charitable giving (adjusted to 2008 dollars).

I praise and thank Jesus for the help I was given so I could help now!