I ate breakfast with a friend at his church’s Men’s Breakfast this morning. The teaching was of how God changed Jacob and God made the story brand new for me. The pastor said, God gave Jacob weakness (dislocated his hip) so that Jacob would stop depending on himself. God renamed him Israel, because Israel means “God fights.” Now as Israel depended on God, God could fight for him.

I have been getting depressed lately because I have been fighting in my own strength and I have been losing. This reminds me of one of the previous posts “Let go and let God.”

As I listened to the Pastor this morning I realized I need to humble myself and submit. Oh Lord, help me surrender to You and let You fight for me!

Water for kids #5

This evening I walked 0.15 miles while going up 50 feet and then back down 50 feet over another 0.15 miles, 5 times. Or, 1.5 miles while going up 250 feet and down 250 feet.

My breathing was not as labored after this as it was after just going up 50 feet over one 0.2 miles on my first day.

Then I got ice out of the freezer, turned on the tap and I had instant ice cold water for my thirst. The infrastructure of the U.S. is an amazing blessing of God. You can be a blessing to kids who carry 40 lb. jerrycans of dirty, diseased water most of their day. You can help build the infrastructure they need and they will praise God and thank you for what you did.

Thank you for reading, thank you for praying, thank you for giving. I appreciate all of you doing all you do. If you wish to give to World Vision and get kids and their families what they need go to: