“Love is the greatest apologetic.” – Ravi Zacharias

“And the Word became flesh . . . full of grace and truth.”

John 1:14 (NASB)

If mistakes are our best teachers I should have been brilliant by now. – Jim McNaughton

Recently I have learned from Ravi Zacharias that Truth with Grace accomplishes what I have not been able to do. My Truth without Grace only hurts others. As John Maxwell says, No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

So now I am seeking to follow Ravi’s example, as he followed Jesus’ example.

I will deal with my insecurities; my fear of others’ position or credentials; my fear of rejection; my fear of being found incompetent.

And I will deal with my motives: I have learned from Ravi, not to seek to win. But to engage. And love.

Why He Came

Is there anything too hard for the Lord? 
He is the Creator of us all.
And there is nothing that He can’t do;
So listen, and you will hear His call.

He knows the things you’re doing,
He knows that you are lost.
He’s calling you to come to Him.
He crucified your sins upon His cross.

He gave His life so that you could live;
He laid it down with His free will.
And yet, you won’t believe it
You are running from Him still.

Come home to Jesus! 
He’ll give you peace and take away your fears. 
He wants to hold you in his arms
And wipe away your tears.

Can’t you hear His voice?
He’s calling out your name!
God sent us all a Savior;
HIS love for us is why He came.

Written by
Karen Rawlings     

Do I really know you?

I made assumptions without experience and was comfortable I knew the truth.

If I don’t take my mental health meds people object. They tell me I have to take my meds or I won’t think right. If I take the meds and do well they say it is not me doing well, it is the meds that are doing it. They say if they took meds they would have an easy time doing well just like me. If I miss my meds and do poorly it is my fault, not the lack of meds, and I am just showing who I really am.

I don’t know if ignorance is bliss, but it certainly makes a lot of assumptions. At the bottom of https://i-m-4-u.com/ is a poem I wrote called, “I was a perfect parent. . . Until I had children.” Parents . . . perhaps you can relate. I made assumptions without experience and was comfortable I knew the truth.

And I can condemn you because I know why I acted that way in the past and so you must be acting that way for the same reason. By doing this I condemn myself; and I’ve done it countless times.

My brain is an electro-chemical machine. Around age 18 I went off to college in a different city and because I didn’t know Jesus and didn’t know mental health guidelines, I spiraled down in depression. My brain chemistry changed. So now my meds help my brain chemistry function more like God intended.

I would like to not need the meds and am working toward that goal through learning forgiveness, trusting Jesus for what I need, trusting Jesus to produce love, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control in me. But my brain may be permanently damaged and I may need the meds the rest of my life.

The next time I see someone I don’t understand, may God grant me the honesty to say to myself: I don’t understand them; but I will talk to them and learn.

P.S. This was very convicting to me to write. Like Paul, I am the worst sinner I know, but thank God for Jesus who rescues me.


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