I will let Jesus fight for me!

I ate breakfast with a friend at his church’s Men’s Breakfast this morning. The teaching was of how God changed Jacob and God made the story brand new for me. The pastor said, God gave Jacob weakness (dislocated his hip) so that Jacob would stop depending on himself. God renamed him Israel, because Israel means “God fights.” Now as Israel depended on God, God could fight for him.

I have been getting depressed lately because I have been fighting in my own strength and I have been losing. This reminds me of one of the previous posts “Let go and let God.”

As I listened to the Pastor this morning I realized I need to humble myself and submit. Oh Lord, help me surrender to You and let You fight for me!

Water for kids #5

This evening I walked 0.15 miles while going up 50 feet and then back down 50 feet over another 0.15 miles, 5 times. Or, 1.5 miles while going up 250 feet and down 250 feet.

My breathing was not as labored after this as it was after just going up 50 feet over one 0.2 miles on my first day.

Then I got ice out of the freezer, turned on the tap and I had instant ice cold water for my thirst. The infrastructure of the U.S. is an amazing blessing of God. You can be a blessing to kids who carry 40 lb. jerrycans of dirty, diseased water most of their day. You can help build the infrastructure they need and they will praise God and thank you for what you did.

Thank you for reading, thank you for praying, thank you for giving. I appreciate all of you doing all you do. If you wish to give to World Vision and get kids and their families what they need go to:


Can I really let go and let God?

Aaron taught a great lesson at Celebrate Recovery last Monday. The concept he taught me was: I am to stop striving to change my faults and let Jesus do it. Or, (Something I dismissed many years ago as being too easy to be true): Let go, and let God.

I first heard it from an older female member of our Bible study group in the late 1980’s. I dismissed her as being too old to know anything (She was about my age now). Of course I was a sexist, and an elderist, and I didn’t know enough to know I didn’t know enough.

So a whole new freedom is opening up. I can stop the unwinnable war of trying to change myself in my own strength.

Jesus, lead me!

Water for Kids #4

My original run/walk/crawl strategy is evolving as I gain more experience. It is now a walk/crawl strategy and may possibly de-volve to just a crawl strategy concession. I have given up attempting to run until there is less of me going in the opposite direction as the rest of me (I think that’s what I meant). I have thrown the “schedule” out and am resting a day between walking. I walked 6 miles in about 2 hours with four 50 foot climbs over four 0.2 mile hills. I also walked for about one hour, covering 3 miles with seven 50 foot climbs along the way. I haven’t lost any weight but I am much stronger than when I started.

But these accomplishments are nothing compared to what young kids do carrying jerrycans of water for nearly all day every day (the water weighing in, I would guess, at about 40 lbs. The kids carrying about 50% their body weight (I can’t even lift 50% of my body weight!)).

You can free a child from carrying dirty, diseased water for miles each day, and put her/him in a classroom instead, beginning the permanent freeing of the whole village, when they can now lift themselves from generational poverty.

No gift is too small, no gift is too large, they are all just right!


I seek what I love and I find what I seek

If I give money to the poor, and I do it in a way to seek the praise of men, I will find what I seek.

If I am reviled and persecuted by men, because that is what I sought, I prove I will find what I seek.

If I love someone with the love of Jesus, and they revile and persecute me, they do so because they desperately need Jesus but are rejecting Him because they are hurting in some way. I continue to love them, as does Jesus. And if that person realizes that God’s love, through me, is not extinguished by rejection, they may dare to hope that God’s love is real, unconditional, and offered freely to them. They might reach out to Jesus and find Him. And He will heal them.

I am flawed, and without merit. But see I Jesus working in me. He will work in you as well

Water for kids Update #3

I am getting a little stronger. I just did 40 minutes of walking at an approximate 3 mile an hour pace yesterday. I ran uphill for 50 seconds today before having to walk. But when I run I am acutely aware of my extra 75 pounds.

Time to train is the biggest problem I face. The best time is 5 a.m. but I have yet to actually do it. So far at 5 a.m. I just fumble around to get coffee and experience “the spirit is willing but the body is weak.”

Right now I can’t see completing the 13.1 miles.

But my trust is in Jesus, certainly not myself.

You can change the life of a child for $50:


Water for Kids Update #2 When was the last time you changed a life by investing $50?

The kiddos carry 5 gallon jugs for hours all day. The water is nasty (diseases and dirty at best). The family lives in poverty.

If these kids could spend their time in school instead, the whole village has a chance of lifting themselves out of poverty for generations to come.


I walked again, “pre-training” before my training starts June 17. I was breathing hard walking up to the top of the first hill. Today denial lifted and I found out for sure how long a half marathon is: 13.1 miles. I thought sure it was 3.1 miles. Right now it doesn’t matter as I can’t run either one.

If God was not in this I wouldn’t be either.

It is a good thing I have all summer to train. I called my doctor and the nurse answered my concerns about taking lithium for bipolar (adverse reaction to sun exposure) and my weight (more than my two sons’ combined weight).

I have 2 more days to walk “pre-training,” then next week I start:

Monday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 20 minutes,
Tuesday “walk only” for 30 minutes,
Wednesday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 20 minutes, Thursday “walk only” for 30 minutes,
Friday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 20 minutes,
Saturday “run 2 minutes, walk one minute, repeat” for 35 minutes,
Sunday we rest.

Well, the saga continues . . .