You have a choice . . .

Jesus never forces Himself on anyone. He may go to extremes to get your attention, though. He gave me 10 years of mental illness (and I did not take correct meds) until He had humbled me. Jesus took away everything I had until I had nothing to lose by accepting him. I was still proud, still rude and still disrespectful. I grudgingly accepted Him and because of His great humility he gave me His Life with Him forever. I am so thankful that Jesus loved me enough to send me through suffering so that I would be able to think clearly enough to accept him. He never forced Himself on me, but He did get my attention to give me a choice.

The “Apostle Paul” was killing “Christians.” Jesus knocked the “Apostle Paul” to the ground with a blinding light and “Paul” could not see for 3 days. Jesus did not force Himself on Paul, but He did get Paul’s attention so Paul could make a choice.

It was considered the highest honor be the first to receive the bread dipped in sop. Jesus reserved this honor for Judas at the last supper. Jesus loved Judas and this was a last effort to win Judas from what Judas was about to do (betray Jesus). Jesus did not force Himself on Judas, but Jesus did get Judas’ attention so Judas could make a choice.

Jesus will not force Himself on you. Jesus may be using this essay to get your attention. If He is you could possibly skip mental illness, skip blinding light and make a better choice than Judas made.

It’s your choice.

Author: james bruce mcnaughton

I became Seriously Mentally Ill at age 18, ten years later I got and took the right meds, I accepted Jesus, and my recovery began.

3 thoughts on “You have a choice . . .”

  1. 26:16 God was going to create an order of being
    26:19 that should understand
    26:21 the mind of God as a Creator
    26:25 and a Caretaker
    26:27 because creating means taking responsibility.
    26:32 Bringing forth children means taking responsibility.
    26:37 Watchcare, hedging in, nurturing, protecting.”
    26:44 Now God didn’t create man to fall.
    26:48 But He created him with the capacity of choice
    26:51 which means he had the capacity to fall.

    32:27 Our choices shape who we are.
    32:31 Every decision, however small,
    32:34 contributes to our moral development
    32:36 – or the formation of what is known as our character.
    32:40 And our characters determine the fabric of our society.
    32:45 The only way for injustice and cruelty to be eradicated
    32:49 from this planet is for society
    32:51 to be made up of people
    32:52 with upright moral characters
    32:55 – people who choose not to hurt others.

    34:53 Character is a product of choosing
    34:57 and where there is no choosing,
    34:58 there is no character.

    2021 – Enmity – Battle Lines: Prologue – Walter Veith


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