The arrogance of ignorance

My dad gave me a set of financial coaching DVDs some years ago. I knew they were good, but I had read some financial books, led a financial Bible study and thought I knew enough.

I was wrong.

I now know I have not saved appropriately, causing me to underfund my retirement. And, I am starting long term care insurance ten years and thousands of dollars too late, all because of the:

“The arrogance of ignorance and the ignorance of arrogance.”

When my son makes a mistake he sometimes gets mad at his “apparent failure” and I tell him:

“Mistakes are good, they are for learning, we need them to get better.”

So what can I learn from this “arrogance and ignorance?”

  1. Stay hungry. . . I will never know enough.
  2. Stay humble. . . I can learn from everyone.
  3. Stay honest. . . I must not give arrogance and ignorance permission to deceive me again.