God loves love.

I learned this lesson from a sad situation.  Someone I love was making false accusations against me because I was a Jesus follower.  I remembered the verse Jesus said, Blessed are you… …Great is your reward in heaven.

I rejected that.

I was hurting because I love this person and they are rejecting Jesus.  Years later, when thinking about this, I asked God to help me understand.

God let me experience the feeling of phileo love I have for this person.  And being able to love was the reward.  I had loved them back then when they were attacking me… and I love them to this day.

I then realized that loving and being able to love was supreme, the main theme of the Bible, and possibly the theme of parables.

The following uses that experience to interpret the Parable of the Talents.


Be careful what you wish for…

Utilitarian philosophers sound brilliant to many when they present.  And many want to be Utilitarian philosophers.  Because…

“Only the strong survive.

Eliminate the defective gene pool.

We don’t want to be burdened by those who are not our problem.

Eliminate the useless.”

The rest of us say, “Then there is nothing more useless than “utilitarian philosophers.””

“Shall we kill then first the “philosophers?””

Utilitarian philosophers suddenly decide on a new career path.


(I know… I’m mentally ill.  And as such whatever I do or say is suspect.  Therefore I give you my disclaimer:  The post is irony, satire, a funny, it’s a joke… I am not going to harm anyone and I don’t want anyone to harm anyone.  Am I now politically correct?)