Un-Real at 2 weeks…

To read the first Un-Real go to https://i-m-4-u.com/2018/05/06/2405/

Since the initial blow-up I have not gotten verbally abusive with anyone.  I had taken the new med for two days and was off the old med for two days when I had blown up.  The blow up was right on schedule for me when I have not taken the old med.  I am guessing the new med, at two days, had not had time to be effective yet.

The med is working, although differently than my previous med.   My body feels lighter, less “drugged and heavy” than with my previous med.  I have more of a capacity to not be automatically compliant with other people’s desire’s and more able to stand my ground for what I think is right.  However, I am not used to this and I can go from assertive to aggressive too easily.  I am now taking a second dose at mid-afternoon so I don’t yell at anyone in the evening when the med seems to wear off.

And thankfully the insurance company allowed my doctor to prescribe it to me.  I am thankful to my doctor and his advocacy and thankful to the insurance company for listening to my doctor.

And grateful most of all to Jesus who made all this work together for my good.


Author: james bruce mcnaughton

I became Seriously Mentally Ill at age 18, ten years later I got and took the right meds, I accepted Jesus, and my recovery began.

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