Nobody’s perfect


Poor in spirit,
those who are not confident in their own ability to please God.

over the sin that they can’t stop doing

great power under complete control


First Jesus says blessed are the poor in spirit,
and they that mourn.

He says my righteousness is to exceed the “Super Religious” (the scribes and Pharisees),

If I am angry with someone, if I call them “stupid” I am in danger of hell fire,

Adultery is looking at a woman to lust after her and is worthy of dismemberment.

Then He ends by saying for me to be perfect,
just as my Heavenly Father is perfect.

At this point I give up.

Because I know I cannot do this.

And my spirit becomes poor,

and I mourn over my sin I can’t stop doing.

And I know I do not have great power

and the power I do have is not under complete control.

And I know I hate my enemies.


And I realize


I need a Savior.