This is a lie.  True or false? (author unknown)


(However the following are my own observations).


The teacher: “A fool is sure, the wise ask questions.”

The student: “Are you sure?”


Obi-Wan said to Anakin (in III), “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

Is Obi-Wan a Sith?


We test God by obeying him and proving him true to his promises.

We foolishly test God by demanding he obey us to prove his promises.


When a political candidate’s character and truthfulness are reported on… Who reports on the reporter’s character and truthfulness?  (See fake news).


Perception is Reality – Lee Atwater

Is Mr. Atwater’s statement a Perception or Reality? – Jim McNaughton


Question Authority.

Who said?


I cannot own a gun.  That is good.  (history of involuntary hospitalization)

My law-abiding neighbor owning a gun?  That is good.  (history of safe use, history of gun being a crime deterent)

Bad-guy having a gun.  That is bad.  (history of not caring if his gun is legal or not, history of being more deterred from crime when guns are legal for my law-abiding neighbor)

Only government (and bad-guys) have guns.  (history of governments abusing power, beginning of the end of freedom as we know it)

Saving money (on hospitalizations) and increasing productivity (able to work) and producing tax revenue (from said work) and saving lives (from killing themselves or others) by treating all the mentally ill (through parity i.e. equal insurance for mental health as body health)?

That is not only good, it makes sense.

(Since being correctly medicated in 1986, I have stopped costing taxpayers multiple thousands of dollars, and contributed to society well over $100,000 in taxes and charitable giving (adjusted to 2008 dollars).

I praise and thank Jesus for the help I was given so I could help now!







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