God’s Gift of Mental Illness, part 2

I understand “faith in Jesus” or “saving faith in Jesus” to mean that I trust him.  He doesn’t promise me wealth; just food, clothing and shelter (see Matthew 6:33).  He doesn’t always heal me of every disease if I trust him (see Paul’s thorn).  And misery is not and indication of sin (see Job).

God gave me mental illness because I wanted to be a Christian like those in the Bible.  And, as the first step I needed to be humbled.  I have asked him to remove this disease.  He has not done that yet.  Andy Stanley’s In the Meantime: A purpose and a promise http://yourmove.is/episode/ep2-a-purpose-and-a-promise/ revealed to me that I do not have to feel inferior to others because of my weakness. Jesus told Paul that the affliction Jesus gave him was intentional.  In order that, Jesus could pour his strength through Paul. My mental illness is my weakness so that Jesus can pour his strength through me.  Everyone has weakness.  And Jesus can pour his strength through all.

Those who deal with mental Illness, and those in the Church who deal with mental illness, especially, can receive rejection from others, including others in the Church.  Like racism and sexism, this rejection comes from ignorance and fear.

Let’s talk. And then walk the talk.


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God’s Gift of Mental Illness

For years I’ve struggled with the position a “TV” Pastor (who I greatly admire and has taught me most of the theology I have) has taken about not using meds to remedy mental illness.  The implication I’ve always drawn was that “God will take away the mental illness” and therefore meds are not needed.

I have just watched an episode of “Your Move with Andy Stanley” that I believe challenges the above implication.

Please consider watching In the Meantime: A Purpose and a Promise http://yourmove.is/episode/ep2-a-purpose-and-a-promise/

Love someone who hates me? What’s in it for me?

Filled with joy are those who are attacked because they follow Jesus.
Filled with joy are those who are mocked and scorned and lied about because they obey Me.
Let your joy be known and overflow because in heaven there is a great reward for you, because you are following in the footsteps of great followers of Jesus.  (Matthew 5:10-12, my imperfect paraphrase).
Why would I be filled with joy?  What reward?
The reward is that I will experience a love for my attacker that transcends human logic, transcends human wisdom, and transcends “earthly” love.  And my attacker will “see” the Jesus they say does not exist and have a chance to choose to know Him for themselves.